Welcome to Purple Dragonfly Dolls!

I've been dolling since about October 2004, and have been enjoying it a lot.

There are a few dolls here that I've made myself (Dolls) but there are also some I've 'collected' (Adoptions).


There are rules that need to be followed to protect my work and the work of others on this site.

If a doll is in the NOT Adoptable section, please do not take that doll and place it anywhere else. Those are for my exclusive use only. The same goes for any gifts that I make or receive.

If a dolls is in the Adoptable section, please feel free to display that doll on your own site, or in a signature. However, you *must* link back to me. This is not negotiable. If you don't want to give me credit for my work, don't use it :-).

Dolls in the Adoptions section are ones I have adopted from someone else. They are linked back to that person's site. If you like a doll in that area, please visit that creator's site and get the doll from there, not from me. 

Thank you! Enjoy!